Visibility of energy skills can be increased by creating certain on-line repository/databases (Integrated
database of energy skills) that can interact each other. This databases will be developed through chain of activities between the partners, such as: exchange of experience and training schemes between partners, transferring and replication of training schemes as well as enabling e-learning on developed/existing training schemes for the purpose of replication.

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Training Schemes

By selecting Training Schemes database, it is possible to find trainings by different training providers, but also companies and materials related, and in the other way around.
Skills Comparison Tool, Scheme Evaluation Tool, Skills Passport are tool on the table to be implemented.

Professionals & Companies

database will include lists of skilled professionals
in each of the partner countries, categorized in groups regarding qualifications for different occupations, including
links to employing companies and functionality for companies.

Materials that increase energy efficiency

Materials database will be integrated by materials stored in the original sources. 2,500 items of EE materials will be provided initially that will be selected according to construction activities and energy efficiency of buildings.

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