D5.1 Report from on-line survey on awareness on energy skills

D5.1_Report from on-line survey on awareness on energy skills_SEEtheSkills_final_30.11.2022

This document is prepared within the WP5 – Stimulation of raising market value of energy skills (Expressing skills’ value), Deliverable No.5.1 Report from on-line survey on awareness on energy skills, which results out of Task 5.1 Activities toward raising public awareness on energy skills.Reducing energy consumption is closely linked and dependent on the readiness of workers who participate in individual construction activities, but also those who participate in the preparation of project documentation, including all professions. In the construction market, it is therefore essential to stimulate demand for new or increased skills in the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency (EE) in construction.

This survey focuses on the area of increasing the value of energy skills, which is closely linked to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. The output data will result in better understanding how the energy skills are perceived by the industry stakeholders and defining the state-of-art. It will be used as a source for decision making process by Consortium partners to better aim the stimulation strategy.

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