REBUILD: Building a new era

REBUILD provides a unique platform of innovation to invigorate the sector of construction, renovation and the energy efficiency of houses and buildings. It is a place where the professional of the sector is provided with a specialized environment where to find the latest products, materials, solutions and services.

REBUILD is the platform for manufacturers and distributors to identify:

  • New construction companies, developers, rehabilitation companies, architects, builders and installers.
  • Projects and housing stock to be renovated soon.
  • New products and innovations showcased.
  • Partners in the framework of construction and renovation sector to meet and deal with.

Also, the National Congress of Architecture 4.0 and Advanced Construction is a space to discover new materials, the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative construction systems. A must-attend event for any professional aiming to boost their activity to the highest level of competitiveness and innovation. How to design and build new spaces with virtual reality; the new technical building code; 3D and additive manufacturing applied to rehabilitation; IoT in building management; BIM, applications and cloud platforms; Energy Efficiency in Housing and Buildings or new profiles and professional training for a renewed sector, are some of the topics that will inspire our professionals.

Along the Fair-ShowRoom and the National Congress of Architecture 4.0 and Advanced Construction, REBUILD gathers various events that make it a not-to-miss event for any businessman or professional of the construction sector, interior design and rehabilitation.