SEEtheSkills project stands in front of the challenge for energy-efficient construction of new and renovation of existing building stocks and to act at market level to stimulate the demand for previously developed and new or upgraded energy skills.

Its goal is by acting through a novel 3V approach to tackle direct stimulation of demand of energy skills in construction, by acting on wide interregional level, in order to ensure easy uptake of project results not only in partner countries, but also beyond by replication in at least 3 member states.

The 3V approach refers to:

VISIBILITY of skills by the creation of an on-line repository for skills registration i.e. Integrated SEEtheSkills area to make the skills visible, accessible and available on interregional level, between project partners and beyond; then enabling interregional cross VALIDATION of energy skills by making them comparable within SEEtheSkills area for management of knowledge&skills and through transferring and replication of training schemes between project partners; which as a final result will raise the VALUE of the skills and tackle their market demand internationally and globally, initiated by expressing the benefits of using energy skills in achieving sustainability of construction.

Now, after the successful implementation started from June 2021, the aim of the 4th Executive board meeting is to establish sustainable pathways for the longevity of created valuable project results.

The discussion at the meeting will be towards ensuring sustainability of and to provide answers to the question: SEEtheSkills-Where to after the project end?

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