International conference VIRTUAL BIM TOUR, took place on February 29, 2024 in the LOFT Hotel, Bratislava. The conference is organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, STU in Bratislava in cooperation with the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers, as part of the SEEtheSkills project.

As part of the lectures, experiences with the preparation of a BIM project were shared from the designer’s point of view along with the important steps when creating a BIM model for the purpose of project documentation, as well as from the point of view of using BIM in following stages of the building’s life cycle such the construction and facility management. The lectures also include a block devoted to the impact of skills for the quality of BIM model preparation for the purposes of achieving potential energy savings.

If the engineer has quality digital tools and the right skills at his disposal, he can contribute to energy savings in the early stages of the project. In this area, the possibilities of calculating the energy audit based on information from the BIM model were presented. In addition to the geometry of the building, the properties of the materials are also key, allowing the evaluation of the CO2 footprint, insulation, and the need for heating or cooling, etc. The engineer can thus make a decision based on accurate data.

More information about the conference results will be published very soon.

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