This page is dedicated for the e-Tools that will be developed for leveling the skills and linking them to the national and EU qualification standards. Within the Integrated Register of skills following functional tools will be provided

E-learning platform

offer a training schemes for a wide range of users without geographical constraints Check out the courses below by clicking Learn more

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Considering some very important aspects, such as: is it free, is it user friendly (both for the trainees and the training creators), is it widely available, we have concluded that Moodle LMS is perfect solution.

Moodle LMS e-learning platform during the project duration will contain 8 training courses, offered as self guided micro learning pieces and followed by accompanying e-guided exam in order to lead to certification.

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a training tool, where games help employees learn more quickly and easily

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Microlearning refers to acknowledging each and every “amount” of learning, even knowledge and skills obtained in 2-3 hours of experience at workplace or short trainings/webinars. Each of mentioned cases are very common in construction sector.

It can be find even in reading and following instructions for installation of certain product. Gamification itself, refers to creating positive experiences in these areas that might improve the morale and productivity of any workplace.

Digital Badge

will enable more easy mobility of staff, identify the need for upskilling of workers and empower company’s competitiveness

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Integration of the several databases has very important goal – to facilitate management of included data, both personal (in term of individual competences), then organizational (in terms of capacities for EE construction of the companies that employ skilled workers or use energy efficient products) and finally to enable development and improvement through upskilling, certification and further qualification.

Digital badge will be an innovative solution subjected to certification as certified trade mark. The web-based solution of Digital badge will include each skill, knowledge and competence that a worker has ever gained, it will contain an information on the education of the worker in formal and non-formal form. This will include list of trainings, and moreover this personal skills’ passport will have leveled all learning outcomes with the predefined minimum requirements.


Find your craftsman

will enable matching and finding professional with most adequate skills as required

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Having Professionals and company Register in place, than competences of workers organized according to ULO
database, searching through the data entered into the Repository will be feasible. This will advantage matching and
finding professional with most adequate skills as required, that can be also available in terms of geographical distance
and engagement availability.

SEEtheSkills will implement existing functionality in the BUILD UP Skills advisor at national level.


process of recognition of previous learning based on set of steps and certification in digital environment

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The digital tool for self assessment is now available as web and mobile application at https://e-rpl.ks.org.mk/

More information about the e-RPL:

In terms of enabling e-learning process, and accepting the process of recognition of previous learning as legal path
for achievement of qualification and certification, this task will develop innovative service of e-RPL.

The idea is very pioneering and is planned in the light of global development toward digitalization. The process of recognition of previous learning is based on defined steps of identification, documentation, evaluation and certification and is completely compatible with the recommendations of the European Training Foundation. As so, it can be easily adjusted as on-line process, as the communication to identify the necessary skills, submitting documentation for evaluation, the evaluation of submitted documents and issuing certification can be realized through web-based platform for e-learning.

Application for self assessment of skills

is already up and runing to serve as mobile application facilitating the comparison of workers’ skills and qualifications

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Personal growth and professional development are based first on the awareness of person for possibilities for upskilling and carrier progress. In terms of powering another service that the Integrated repository of energy skills can support.

It is web based and connected to the ULO database of the repository that enable leveling of skills against predefined minimum standards and results with creation of report with eventual recommendation for upskilling through the training offer from BUS Advisor database.

POE (home self-evaluation tool)

can evaluate your home envelope, your heating and cooling system, your appliances and habits

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Post-occupancy evaluation is based on the idea that better living space can be designed by asking users about their needs. Many people associate POEs with a one-time online survey provided to occupants. A complete POE includes hard data as well as occupants’ satisfaction with the space. A full post-occupancy evaluation usually examines:

  • energy and water performance
  • performance of the indoor environment—air quality,  thermal comfort, acoustics, lighting, and ventilation
  • usability of systems and spaces
  • occupant behavior

The tool will enriched with new set of features for enabling the local and national authorities to followup unanimous results taken by the citizen and to act properly. This tools can serve as well as database for EPC (Energy performance certificates)


BIM Tools

can have a significant role in identification of quality check, up-skilling needs, and increased EE level

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The link between energy skills and quality of construction will be presented by conducting case studies for measuring reduction of performance gap when using skilled workers and other EE measures. The tools used to emphases these benefits will be in BIM enviroment.

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