More than 1,400 impacts in the media, with an estimated audience of 49,674,512 people and an economic value of 1,971,994 euros is the result of the communication made by REBUILD. SEEtheSkills has been part of this success as the EU Programme had its part of success having a dedicated booth through its Spanish partner, BIM Academy. REBUILD is the boutique innovation event to promote the transformation of construction and define, together with all the agents in the value chain, the roadmap for the future of the sector. All this, showing the most advanced technology, the most sustainable solutions and materials. The communication has been developed before, during, and after the celebration of the event between April 26 and 28 in Madrid, which has had a total of 219 accredited journalists from 91 media. During seven months, 1,479 impacts have been achieved in general, economic, regional, and specialized media in architecture, design, lifestyle, construction, or real estate, among others, including 21 interviews with the spokespersons of REBUILD (Gema Travería, Ignasi Pérez Arnal -member of BIM Academy and partner at SEEtheSkills, and David Martínez) and different partners. All this has been the result of the work of the consultancy and press office through contacts with the media for the positioning of the event and the knowledge by journalists of the celebration, theme, and participants in the fair. The generation of new content and communicative
angles was a greater challenge this year after the pandemia, however, it has been successful since the total coverage of the 2021 edition has been exceeded by 42%, and the advertising value by 48%, where SEEtheSkills was again presented. At the own opening of the National Congress in Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, SEEtheSkills was named as one of the EU projects to take care of. And on the third day of the event, one specific session about the learning processes and the impact on the building sector was the place where BIM Academy insisted on the importance of giving value to the experience. 

Reported by Ignasi Pérez Arnal, BIM Academy.

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