The overall survey conducted encompassed of several different approaches, providing a very comprehensive way to make an overview of the current status of the energy skills in the project countries area.
The obtained results will serve in the next phases of the project to create a corresponding actions in order to provide the necessary environment and to enable upskilling and reskilling of building workforce in accordance with the identified needs, gaps, and technology advancements.

Some general conclusions are toward:

  • The actions to provide the VISIBILITY of skills are more than necessary, as identified in both the desk research and the survey results. This will serve to adequately concept the creation of the Integrated repository of skills
  • The survey have identified the existing training schemes and also the skills gap, so this will be used to define the content and scope of the new training schemes to be developed within the project and that will be a part of BUS advisor App, to serve for the purpose of VALIDATION of skills
  • The most important work in the next project phases should be focused on the VALUE of the skills and finding mechanisms to express the value and also to raise the demand for skills. This is very much expressed from the survey results.

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