New York City Architecture Biennial (NYCAB) is an organization that recognizes and exhibit the work and ideas of talented professionals in architecture and urban design. Their goals are to promote innovative sustainable design and to support gender and racial equality around the world.

During October 18-20, 20 speakers have exposed Successful projects in multiprofessional collaborative research, examples of innovative architectural, interior and urban design projects, but also, the advantages and challenges that technological advances bring to the development of projects; the changes from analog to digital media, BIM, drones, additive manufacturing.

Last day, it will be dedicated to i innovative solutions resulting from study, research, unexpected collaboration, and creativity are being incorporated into modern projects; described by the best emerging professionals in the sector. ​

Ignasi Pérez Arnal, CEO at BIM Academy has been debating about the skills to make a positive impact to get 2030 Zero Energy US Goals and 2050 Zero Carbon emissions with Tiffany Broyles from GBNN, Kentucky.

Also, discussing with Amaia Celaya from UN-Habitat at New York City Architecture Biennial about the importance of new skills, for energy efficiency, eco-products and resilience. SEEtheSkills will answer these challenges


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