We are glad to inform you that the first call for registration at the FREE SEEtheSkills webinars is open now!
The platform is fully accessible across all modern Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and on most devices, meaning you can learn anytime anywhere.
So what does anytime anywhere actually mean? The SEEtheSkills Learning Management System (LMS) is a central on-line platform with a search feature to find the course you need in English or in your national language when available. The structure is modular; you can either take the full series of courses or just those that are useful to you.
You study when you can, there are no dates and deadlines. You can just take the needed training when it is best for you and decide when to take the exam and get certified.
This means that you learn through an easy-to-use intuitive Moodle based platform. On this platform you can access the training material, view, complete and submit assignments. You can contact the trainer and talk to your classmates, and at the end of the course prepare and sit the exam.
Once you enroll in the course you want, you can then access the training material. There are slide decks recorded as video presentations, reading material, self-assessment quizzes after each course topic to support you throughout your training. You can check your progress visually whenever you like. You can also join the discussion forums of the course or courses you have enrolled in, to talk to your classmates, ask your trainer questions and get tailored support.
Each training course finishes with a final qualification exam to get the certification. Before attempting your qualification exam, you can practice and once you’re ready, you can sit your multiple-choice Q&As exam online.
Once you’ve finished the training course, your updated skillset can be officially certified, providing EU-wide visibility and recognition of your acquired competence.
With every exam you pass, you build up your SEEtheSkills Professional certification license for EU, a publicly available record of your skills in your sector, a passport to a better business, digitally available in the form of a Digital Badge.
Come and visit the SEEtheSkills LMS platform today and find the right course for you. The registration form is accessible through project website, from the Tab of e-Learning platform or via the following
registration link!

The call enables registration on some (or all) of the 4 webinars, ready at the e-learning platform:
-Design of PV systems in buildings
-Installation of PV systems in buildings
-BIM basics (Effective Coordination and Clash-Detection Processes in Pre-Construction Phase)
-Effective Data Collection for Digitization of Existing Assets
The webinars are self-paced micro-learning training pieces, including 3 topics each (video presentation, reading material, ppt, self evaluation quiz) and the final exam leading to certification.
A successful completion of the webinar will lead to the receiving SEEtheSkills Digital Badge

and a public promotion through the Professionals register within SEEtheSkills Integrated register of energy skills. The Professionals listed in the register will receive a Digital badge that will include each skill, knowledge and competence that a worker has ever gained, it will contain an information on the education of the worker in formal and non-formal form with the list of trainings, and moreover this personal skills’ passport will have levelled all the achieved learning outcomes


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