SEEtheSKills Materials Catalogue database supplies economic and environmental information
regarding construction elements used in Efficient Energy actions in the construction market.
This database is being originated not only as a pre-selection of energy efficient materials, based
on the ITeC BEDEC database (with more than 900,000 Construction items and 40 years of
history) but also based on Sustainable materials website of ITeC, and different Construction
databases and Companies Catalogues databases relevant in the Construction sector in each
Consortium partners countries.

… before construction starts                                                             

  • To always obtain construction materials
    reliable information from linked
    Construction original databases.
  • Since every construction element has
    price, and in some of the original
    Construction databases like BEDEC it is
    updated every year according to the
    evolution of the market, the database is
    a powerful tool for calculating accurate
    budgets and checking the cost of EE
    alternative design options.
  • Since each construction element has
    data on CO2 emissions and embedded
    energy it is possible to measure the
    environmental impact of the project,
    check different design options and size
    up sustainability certification.
  • To identify the best solutions to apply in
    the construction sector in terms of
    Efficient Energy thanks to the relevant
    information related to EE materials,
    carrying out intelligent searches for
    efficient materials through the filtering
    system, making possible compare them
    in order to detect which materials are
    more efficient in terms of energy
    consumption and carbon emissions and
    material cost.

        … during the construction process

  • Taking the cost side of the project
    database as a starting point, it is much
    easier for the quantity surveyor to keep
    track of the budget.
  • Controlling carbon emissions and energy
    cost on construction process where the
    construction elements are.

… after construction project

  • v Taking the database of the finished
    construction object as a starting point, it
    is much easier for the facility manager to
    draw maintenance and repair plans.

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