D3.2 Report on upgrading BUILD UP Skills Advisor

D3.2 Report on upgrading BUILD UP Skillsadvisor_SEEtheSkills_final_30.11.2022

In this report an overview is given on how the BUILD UP Skills advisor is extended to suit the needs of the SEEtheSkills project.
The BUILD UP Skills advisor app (BUS-app) is an app with underlying database for providing personalized upskilling advice. It is developed with the purpose to inform and advise craftsmen and professionals working in the building sector; about upskilling opportunities around sustaining of the built environment.

In SEEtheSkills the database for storing training schemes will be built upon well-established BUS-app. The BUS-app will be implemented/filled with training schemes offered by partner institutions for which they have the ownership of IPR and will ensure transparent storage of available training schemes that will be part of open offer for upskilling of interested workers and professionals based on in SEEtheSkills the defined procedures. Functionality described will be developed based on the needs that pop-up during realization and testing of the Integrated SEEtheSkills repository.
The resulting database will be open for deposition of training offer by external parties, i.e. training providers that will express interest to promote their training offer through SEEtheSkills on-line repository of skills. For each training course relevant data will be stored that are necessary to ease replication of training schemes which is one of the expected results of the project.

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